IIMPS- Immigration Services

We provide immigration services to many countries like Australia, Canada, South Africa, Europe and North America.

Our services cover Immigration and Emigration, European Residency Permits, Canadian Work and Study Visas together with all Retirement, Volunteer, Investor and Permanent Residency Visas.

Business Migration;

There are a number of options available to business people. This could be for establishing a new business or to manage an existing business or simply invest in many countries.

Under the Department of Immigrations policies for the Business Skills Program, applicants have to apply for a temporary or provisional visa first. Only after they have satisfied all the criteria’s for successfully operating the business or managing their designated investments, will they be able to get a permanent visa. Click here

Family Migration;

Under the family migration program, there are a number of migration visa options available for partners, fiancé (e) s, parents, children,

Basically, on the foundation of the family relationship with the sponsor in countries the family Program visa applications are processed.
There are no tests for language fluency as well as any particular skills set that are required for family migration Visa applicants. Click here

Skilled Migration

There is a shortage of skilled workers in Australia. A program has been designed to help skilled migrants find meaningful employment in many countries which will also fulfill the shortage that the nation faces.
The Skilled Stream has been growing steadily for many years as a proportion of the overall migration program. It is mainly an Australian Government initiative, which is meant for highly skilled and young people, who has the ability to make speedy contributions to the Australian financial system. Click here

Employer Sponsored

For lawfully operating countries employers there are a number of visa options available to recruit skilled workers to fill positions that cannot be filled from the Australian labor market.
If an eligible employer is happy to employ and sponsor them the skilled workers may apply for either a temporary or permanent visa. Click here

Student Visa

Australia is a country which is renowned for its educational system which is absolutely world class. It is available and open to anyone who has the entry requirements. Any level of education that you might want to pursue is possible in that case.Click here

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Administrative Appeals Tribunal is the body with the power to review, cancel, and approve visas including sponsorship nominations. The tribunal has the power to; overturn or remit decisions, replace decisions, return cases to the Department of Immigration for re-consideration or affirm the original decision. Click here

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